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Commercial Vehicle Injury

Harry Tervalon is a prominent New Orleans trial attorney. His car was struck by a commercial vehicle and he was severely injured. He CALLed HALL to handle his case, which he did, with extremely satisfactory results. Hear him tell his story in this testimonial.

Car Accident Injury

Back in 2007, Alicia's car, with six kids aboard, was struck by a car driven by an 'older' driver who ran a red light. Thankfully, the kids were not injured but Alicia was and taken to the hospital. She CALLed HALL and in this video she tells what happened from there on. Since then, Alicia has CALLed HALL to handle other accident cases for her, and she has referred several relatives and friends, telling them to CALL HALL!

Maritime Injury

Marcus T was referred to us by his brother, who was injured offshore when his employer failed to evacuate his crew in the face of a big storm. He had engaged Jim Hall to represent him in that case, with excellent results. Marcus' brother passed a few years ago from causes unrelated to his offshore injuries.

18-Wheeler | Big Rig Accident

Sara was stopped at a traffic light when she was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. She was trapped in her vehicle and it was, as she said, "really scary." She was extracted from her car and taken to a hospital and treated. She did not know what to do, but someone recommended she CALL HALL, which she did - leading to a very large settlement.

fight with insurance company

Freddie M was hit my an uninsured motorist. He had to CALL HALL to sue his own insurance company for medical expenses related to his neck injury.

Rear-End Collision with Injury

Herman's car was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle in Uptown New Orleans. He was injured but didn't know it. When he began to experience the delayed symptoms, he knew what to do: CALL HALL!

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Rachel along with her husband Adrien, own a number of rental properties on the West Bank. The properties are covered by different Insurance Companies, so after a big storm, dealing with several companies who don't want to pay or to pay enough. When that happens, they know it's time to CALL HALL.

Personal Injury

Wilette has been injured in several accidents over the years, none of which were her fault. Each time she did the smart thing - CALL HALL! She is effusive in her praise for JIM HALL, but we are proudest of the compliment she pays us by coming back.

18-Wheeler | Big Rig Truck Accident

Marcus was injured on the job in an accident involving a Big Rig. His late brother is a JIM HALL client and recommended that Marcus CALL HALL, which he did. Jim took the case and made sure Marcus got every dollar he deserved.

Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim

Adrien and his lovely wife, Rachel, are owners of rental properties on the West Bank. The properties have sustained damage on several occasions, including hurricanes and other large storms, rain-caused flooding and other weather-related events. They were trying to handle these claims themselves, but were getting short-changed by the Insurance Companies. Hear Adrien tell how things changed when they followed the advice they heard on a radio commercial urging them to "CALL HALL."

Mesothelioma Case

Jim Hall has handled my families legal affairs for over 15 years, including my deceased wife’s Mesothelioma case.  His office is friendly, knowledgeable and I would use no one else.



Accident Case

I was referred to Jim Hall & Associates by a friend.  I called shortly after and was greeted warmly.  The staff was very informative and helpful.  They genuinely cared about helping me with my case and even helped with other legal needs.  I was thoroughly satisfied with the aid I received and will surely utilize their services if needed in the future.




I have been a client of Jim Hall & Associates for more than 10 years. I have been very pleased with the settlements I have received. Jim and his staff are great. They always call you back. I have recommended Jim Hall to my friends and family and will continue to do so.




Hurricane Claim

After Hurricane Katrina I didn’t know what to do.  I thought I had to accept what my insurance company gave me but it wasn’t enough to even repair my home.  A friend recommended Jim Hall.  When I called, I felt a tremendous amount of relief.  Not only was the staff friendly, but they actually cared.  I didn’t have anything to worry about, they took care of everything for me.  I am so very pleased with my settlement and with everything Jim Hall & Associates has done for me.  I cannot express how thankful I am to them.  I would definitely use him again!  




My wife and I were devastated after Hurricane Katrina.  We lost our home and our properties were a total loss.  We had no hope, then I met Jim Hall.  He told me he could help me and he did.   He took care of everything, there was nothing for us to worry about.  He dealt with the insurance company and got us a settlement!  We couldn’t believe it! We are so appreciative to Mr. Hall for everything he has done for us.  Without him, I don’t know what we would have done.  He is my attorney, but I also consider him my friend.  Jim, Barbara and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us!



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