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Natural disasters, such as hurricanes require experienced attorneys to handle your claim and represent you for the best possible outcome.  Insurance companies rarely have your best interests in mind when settling a claim.
Is your insurance company making excuses, delaying, denying or underpaying your Homeowner’s Insurance Claim? We can help!


The Hurricane Lawyers of Jim Hall & Associates can prepare your business or homeowners' insurance claim, complete your proof of loss and assemble the documents necessary to prove your claim.

Your insurance company is required to quickly and efficiently settle your claim and pay you off all of the damages covered under your policy. Your policy may provide coverage for your property damage, contents, additional expenses, business interruption and other coverage.

We have successfully handled thousands of homeowner’s insurance claims involving Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Gustav along with wind damage claims, hail claims, etc. These have included claims for denial of policy benefits, miscalculations of estimated damages as well as failure to pay for covered items, overhead and profit, taxes and recoverable depreciation.

We will maximize the value of your claim by consulting with our experts. If your claim cannot be resolved amicably, we are not afraid to take your insurance company to court. We are experienced in both wind and flood insurance claims and have successfully handled cases against some of the largest insurance companies including Allstate, State Farm, Lloyds of London, USAA, The Hartford, Farm Bureau, Farmers Insurance Exchange, Lafayette, Lexington, United Fire Group, ZC Sterling, Fidelity National, Scottsdale and Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

Do you know if your insurance company is treating you fairly? Do you have any questions about your hurricane insurance property damage claim? Call the Hurricane Lawyers of Jim Hall & Associates, LLC, at 504-832-3000 or 1-800-299-5059 to submit your case for a FREE EVALUATION. You may be facing important legal deadlines so don't delay, CALL TODAY!


Man-made disasters would include oil spills, such as BP claims, factories releasing dangerous chemicals and smells, water pollution, ground contamination, etc.


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